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Tate Hooded Raincoat

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

For splashing through puddles, raincoats are a must for every little wardrobe. We take our Tate coat View B and add a hood to cover up that precious little head so fun on a rainy day doesn’t have to stop. When sewing with laminate fabric, we recommend choosing the size larger as there is not as much "give" with this type of fabric. We walk you through the change in construction of the coat as well as provide a pattern piece for the hood.


Children’s Corner Tate pattern Fabric Requirements per the pattern Hood Pattern (click here) Snaps (Size 24) – 6 Teflon machine foot – if you don’t have this foot for your machine, you can apply scotch tape the bottom of your regular machine foot and it will help the laminate slide under the foot.

Cutting Instructions

1. Cut the fabric out using Tate View B. Cut the hood pieces in place of the collar.

Tips for sewing on laminated fabric 1. Do not place hot iron directly on laminated fabric. Finger press seams or press on lining side of the fabric with a warm iron. 2. A pressing cloth can also be used between the fabric and the iron. 3. Try to pin in the seam allowances only. 4. Sew with the laminated side down whenever possible.

Hood Construction Instructions

1. Follow Tate View B instructions through step 3 of All Views Construction.

2. Stitch the back seam of the hood with right sides together. Repeat with lining.

3. Finger press the hood seams open and topstitch on each side of the center seam. When stitching on laminate fabric, you will find a Teflon foot most useful.

4. Press lining seam open.

5. Stitch the hood to the lining with right sides together around the front edge of the hood. Turn right side out and press this edge with lining side up. Careful not to place the hot iron directly on the laminate.

6. Topstitch around the front 1/4” from the edge.

7. Baste the neck edge of the hood together with wrong sides together a scant 1/4” from the edge.

8. Continue with the Tate instructions at step 6 replacing the collar with the hood. Refer to the collar placement lines when stitching the hood to the neckline.

9. In place of buttons, we applied size 24 snaps using the SnapSetter tool and a size 24 adapter.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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