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Sleeveless Nora

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We love Nora and how versatile the pattern is to sew. She loves how EASY it is to wear. This adaptation makes it the perfect summer choice, as we show you how to make Nora sleeveless. This version also uses a wide-striped knit that we cut the skirt on an angle to create a new look to the skirt. You both will love this version of Nora.

We love it when our customers share their beautiful creations with us. Before we even had this wonderful knit unrolled from the shipping table, Susan John bought and planned a sleeveless Nora for her lovely daughter. The stripe fabric is a perfect design to play with on the circle skirt of Nora. Thank you, Susan, for sharing this perfect summer dress with us!

Cutting Instructions

To achieve the striped effect, you need to cut 4 separate skirt pieces. On the skirt pattern piece add 1/4” seam allowance to the "place on fold" line. Place the updated pattern piece on the fabric at a 45-degree angle to the design. Cut each skirt piece one at a time, flipping the pattern so that you have a left and right skirt for both the front and back. This allows you to make sure that the stripes match at centers and sides.


Follow the Nora instructions with the following modifications.

1. In place of the entire Sleeve Construction section, stitch side seams of bodice with right sides together. Finish seams.

2. In place of Skirt Constructions #2, With the right sides together, stitch the center seams and side seams of the skirt. When trying to match the stripes, place Wonder Tape (a ¼” double sided water soluble tape) to the right side of one seam edge. Remove the backing from the other side of the tape and secure the other seam edge so that the stripes on the fabric match. This tape will allow you to reposition the fabric as needed. If this tape is not available, match the stripes and pin often. Stitch and finish these seams.

3. In addition of Skirt Construction #6, finish the armhole by pressing the fabric edge 1/2” to the wrong side and stitch from the right side of the fabric using a twin needle.

Adapted by Susan Whitman

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