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Parker's Pants with Bow & Hem Band

Updated: May 4, 2023

This darling idea adds a touch of cuteness and sass to Parker’s Pants. See how to add a bow to the waistline and banded cuffs at the hem. We are using the most recent Parker’s Pants pattern, released January 2020. If using an older version of the pattern, you will need to refer to the long pants view.


Children’s Corner Parker’s Pants pattern (2020 release) Fabric and 3/4" Elastic per pattern requirements

Instructions for Bow

1. Cut 2 loops, 1 knot, and 2 streamers according to the measurement chart.

2. Fold the knot in half across the width and stitch top and bottom.

3. With right sides together, sew the 2 loops and 2 streamers together using a 1/4" seam, leaving 2” opening unsewn.

4. Trim and turn, press and slipstitch hole closed.

5. Stitch the ends of the loop together, making a circle.

6. Stack the loop on top of the long streamer.

7. Wrap the knot piece around both the loop and streamer at the center. Connect the knot to itself and whipstitch the folded edge on top of the unfinished edge.

8. After you assemble bow, secure it to pants.

Instructions for Banded Cuff

1. When cutting out Parker’s Pants cut front and back legs at fold line instead of at hem.

2. Cut cuff bands 1 ½” wide and the following length based on the chart below.

3. Follow the Parker’s Pants instructions for assembly of the pants but before sewing inseam, sew two lines of gathering stitches along bottom of each pant leg. Pull up gathering threads to length of the cuff band.

4. Fold under one long side of the cuff band ¼” and press. Unfold.

5. Place right side of the other long side of the cuff band to right side of pant leg and stitch making a 1/4” seam. Repeat for other pant leg.

6. Stitch inseam and finish seam.

7. Turn cuff under, refold 1/4” and whip stitch to the wrong side at 1/4” seam line.

Adaptation by Cathy Jones

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