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Julia with Sash

Updated: Feb 19

Julia is a lovely dress that looks even more couture with this classic sash. Make it with or without pockets. This dress works great in woven or seersucker fabrics.

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Pattern: Julia Fabric: Seersucker Stripe Cotton Raspberry by Fabric Finders *Available at while supplies last.


Children's Corner Julia pattern Notions and Fabric requirements match pattern


1. Cut 1 sash from fabric according to the chart below. Fabric can be cut on grain or on the cross grain. For longer lengths it may be necessary to join 2 strips of fabric to get the total length. If joining fabrics stitch fabric strips right sides together to get entire length. Press this seam open.

Sash Construction

1. Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise with right sides together. Lightly press. Trim ends of strip diagonally if desired. Using a ¼ inch seam allowance stitch entire raw edge of strip beginning at one end, pivoting at the corners and leaving a 3-4 inch opening at the center of the strip. Trim seams and clip corners. Turn fabric right side out through the opening in the center strip. Press well. Whip stitch the opening closed.

Belt Loop Construction

1. Cut 1 strip of fabric 12 inches by 1½ inches. Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch long edge and 1 short edge with ¼ inch seam allowance. Trim seam and turn right side out. Press well.

2. Trim away stitched end of strip and cut remaining strip into 4 pieces. For sizes 1-5 cut lengths at 2 ½ inches. For sizes 6-14 cut lengths at 2 ¾ inches. Finish one end of each belt loop using a zig-zag with length of 1.5 and width of 2.5.

Stitching Belt Loops to Dress

1. Construct dress according to instructions up to step 28. Before stitching bodice to skirt pin belt loops in place to the skirt. Center a belt loop strip over the right and left pleat lines in the front and in the back. Unfinished edges of belt loops will line up with the raw edge of the skirt. Baste belt loop strips in place. Complete all construction in step 28.

2. Press belt loops up toward the bodice. Press zig-zagged end of strip under ¼ inch. Pin belt loop in place centered right over the princess seamline. Topstitch top folded edge of belt loop to the bodice. Continue next step of construction at step 29.

Instructions by Melissa Sansom

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