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Expanding Sewing Gauge

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

There are some sewing notions that you will love for more than their intended purpose. If you never use your Expanding Sewing Gauge for anything except buttonhole placement, it will be one of your favorite sewing notions! But there are many other uses for this handy gadget.

Buttonhole Placement

Lay the Sewing Gauge over your garment. Expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured, equal distances and accurate spacing for your buttons.

Spacing Pleats/Tucks

If you place the points of the Sewing Gauge at the edge of your fabric expand the gauge to the desired distance, you can mark as many as 8 pleats at a time.

Cutting Straight Fabric Strips

Place the Sewing Gauge on the straight edge or bias edge of the fabric. Place the points at desired desistance and with a fine tip fabric marker, draw dashes within the long narrow holes. Continue marking with the first point of the gauge along the edge of the fabric.

Basically this tool takes the guesswork out of spacing almost anything.

You can even cut perfectly sized brownies....just wipe the chocolate off before returning to your notions drawer!

Technique by Susan Whitman

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